"What if it was possible to believe that your art is not just what you do when it fits into the crevices of your life: it is who you are?"

Sarah Sanderson

Professional Editing

Sarah has a sharp eye for details, whether that's something grammatical or an argument that doesn't quite go through. She is thorough, professional and treated my work with care, giving me confidence as I moved on to the next step. - Cara

Sarah's development feedback on my YA novel draft was gold. She helped identify strengths to build on and weak areas to shore up, and gave me a clear sense of where to advance my project. I felt encouraged and challenged! - Steve

Invaluable feedback, compassionately delivered—Sarah has the ability to look at my roughest work and understand what I'm trying to do, even if I have yet to achieve it. Whether line edit or dev edit, Sarah's critiques have helped me bring my work to the next level. - Laurie

As a creative writing teacher with a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing and a Master in Teaching degree, combined with years of experience teaching and leading both students and adults, Sarah has worked with countless writers. Reach out today for more information about editing packages and pricing options.  

Contact Sarah

Sarah is available for freelance writing and speaking on a wide range of topics, including racial repentance, mental illness, abuse recovery, parenting, and living the life of faith. She welcomes invitations to appear on podcasts and to speak and teach, online or in person. She also has some availability to take on freelance editing projects.
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