"The most effective opposite of silence was not mere speech; it was self-disclosure."

Sarah Sanderson

Sarah L. Sanderson has shared her story on television, radio, and podcasts, and in person at bookstores, schools, universities, libraries, community centers, historical societies, churches, book clubs, and coffee shops. In her speaking engagements, Sarah talks about how she has grappled with her own family history of white supremacy, and opens conversations about how communities can investigate their shared local histories, remember injustices, and begin to repair them. She has appeared both alone and together with Taylor Stewart of Oregon Remembrance Project , Zachary Stocks of Oregon Black Pioneers, and other partners of color. Contact Sarah today to inquire about her availability for your group. 

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Sarah is available for freelance writing and speaking on a wide range of topics, including racial repentance, mental illness, abuse recovery, parenting, and living the life of faith. She welcomes invitations to appear on podcasts and to speak and teach, online or in person. She also has some availability to take on freelance editing projects.
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